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Building Your Winning Social Media Profile

Couple taking picture

When entering contests through social media, there is more to it than meets the eye.  Companies and businesses rarely choose anything at random and everything is a calculated move to propel their business further.  If you want to win big through the internet, it’s all about your profile and how you post.  Here are a few ways to boost your chances of winning big online.

Pictures are Everything

You want to cater your social media profile to look like a winner.  Images of yourself being happy or excited will draw attention to your profile.  Bright, colorful pictures will also make you stand out from the crowd.  Make sure you have an eye-catching profile picture and always use the information section to tell a little about yourself.  Set your profile to public as well, it’s rare for a private account to ever win.  If you want to keep your public and private life separate, consider starting a separate account for your sweepstakes entries.

Promote Contest and Use Stories Function

If there is a certain sweepstakes or contest you are hell-bent on winning, post about it tagging the company or brand.  It will spotlight your entry and they will see you will post about their product or winnings drawing attention back to them.  Contests are all about the brands getting more followers and more business, so show that you can draw attention.  Also post in your stories again tagging the sweepstakes or contest account so they can see you promoting them in action.

Get Excited


Show your excitement about the contest.  If you are posting or using your stories to express your excitement, it will send a message you are a winner.  Tell everyone why you’d like to win and put a personal spin on it.  If you are a loyal fan of the brand, say it, if winning this contest would be life-changing, share it! You want to create a personal connection to why you are the clear winner.  It will increase your chances of taking home the big prize.

Follow Accounts and Engagement

Make sure you are following all accounts associated with the contest or sweepstakes.  You want to engage with those accounts by liking all posts and commenting as well.  Whoever is managing their social media accounts will keep seeing your name pop up and it will start to look familiar to them.  Commenting is a great way to stand out from the crowd.  It only takes a second to like a post, but it shows effort to comment and engage with the post and others commenting. 

Get social and win! Winning social media contests is all about being active, social, and showing how bad you want it.  Follow some of these tips and try a few of your own and watch the winnings start to flow!



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