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Develop A Memorable Game Show Personality

Producers know they are casting a show with regular folk, not actors. It’s hard to find exactly the right dynamic for a group show, and even harder if the show is a trivia game where only one person has the spotlight. Your best chance to be cast is to embrace your character traits that make you unique and blow them up big time.

Embrace Who You Are

If you get petty when playing board games, or competitive in gym class, these traits could be a strong factor in your getting casted. All shows need that competition and drama, because it makes for great television. If you aren’t afraid to let it all out, go ahead and hold a grudge. But keep in mind, your positive traits are just as important for casting. We all admire the ever-positive team, the optimistic and hopeful dreamer, and even the brains of the manipulative schemer who are often cast on shows. Hopefully you are likeable to begin with and can build on your good qualities but embrace the traits that you have and use them to your advantage.

Be Sincere

When in casting, the television recordings truly do reveal your inner self. If you are not an exciting person, it shows. If you are bored with the event, it shows. Channel your inner drive that inspired you to attend the show or start the interviewing process. If you are truly happy and excited to be there, the camera picks up on that and you are a likeable personality. If you are faking it, unless you are very good, the excitement comes off as manic, crazy, and irritating. Which is still better than boring! Work with what you have.


Prepare for the Worst

The producers are looking for drama. Sometimes, even creating it out of context. You won’t be able to control how you’re portrayed, and online commentary can get out of hand. Imagine waking up to messages like “Kill yourself” and “You’re the dumbest person in the history of the show!” Vitriol like this can really bring a person down. Contestants say don’t look back on your shows without preparing well to see the worst, or complete fiction. You are at the mercy of what makes a show get ratings.

Appearance Matters

If you’ve done your research on the show you are filming for, you know what kind of outfits work best. Wear bright outfits or something that shows your personality for being adventurous or interesting. Whatever look you choose, commit to it. Your outfit can get you more screen time! Other appearances matter too, but not so much in a sense of having straight white teeth and perfectly coiffed hair. Beauty is only relatable to a point, shows need relatable folk too!

In the end, it all boils down to the show and what the producers are looking for during auditions. Sometimes, even your best over-the-top personality isn’t enough. Keep trying out and good luck!

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