Lucky Charms

Good Luck Charms

For centuries people have put their luck in the hands of little trinkets and tokens hoping one or all would bring them a string of good luck and fortune.  Maybe you have a favorite lucky charm you use now when it comes to winning big, maybe you are interested in grabbing one to bring you some extra magic.  Either way, here are the interesting stories behind your favorite little knickknack.



The Horseshoe has always been a symbol of good luck.  One of the stories attributing this to luck is an Irish tale of a blacksmith who one day met the Devil.  The Devil demanded shoes, so the blacksmith nailed hot iron horseshoes to his hooves.  The Devil screamed in agony and vowed to never go near a horseshoe again.  They are meant to keep evil spirits and the devil far away.

Lucky Penny

Ancient cultures believed metal was a gift from the gods.  When you find a random penny on the ground, it is the gods bestowing good fortune on you and the path you are walking in life.  Brides would put a penny in their shoe for good luck on their wedding day as the original saying goes, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a penny in your shoe.”

Rabbit’s Foot

This one goes a way way back, 600 B.C.  Ancients believed since rabbits lived underground, they were able to connect and communication with the underworld.  There were very specific rules on how to obtain a truly lucky rabbit’s foot.  The gruesome details include a specific foot and conditions (in a cemetery on a Friday). 

Lucky Cat

The Lucky Cat

That adorable little creature has a great history of being lucky.  The most popular story is of a samurai who was hiding under a tree in the middle of a storm.  He looked up and saw a cat beckoning him into a nearby temple.  As soon as the samurai got inside the temple, the tree he was taking shelter under before was struck by lightning.  The lucky cat or “beckoning cat” is to bring good luck to everyone who cross paths with one.  Shop owners today put them at the entrances of the stores to beckon people in to shop, thus creating good fortune of business. 

Picking a lucky charm is all about what gives you confidence, it is a very personal item that will hopefully bring you good fortune and prosperity.  It’s important to do your research on the histories behind them and find something that speaks to you.

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