Picking Your Perfect Lottery Numbers

Playing the lottery can be fun and exciting, but there is so much pressure when it comes to selecting the perfect numbers.  A carefully curated set of numbers could mean the difference between winning big and losing hard.  Here’s a few strategies when thinking of number combinations.  May you have Lady Luck on your side!

Random Selection

Someone has to win, might as well be you with your randomly selected numbers.  Lotteries give you the option of having the computer select numbers for you – you never know if the technology gods will be on your lucky side and somehow those random numbers become the winner.  Try this technique if the pressure is too much trying to come up with the winning numbers on your own.  Always make sure playing the lottery is fun, so take the stress off and be able to blame something else if it doesn’t go according to plan.

Make it Memorable

Think of significant numbers or dates in your life and use them to give you that extra boost of luck.  Birth dates, anniversary dates, favorite numbers – these can all be inspiration for your next set of lucky numbers.  Maybe even try picking a theme based around a specific person who means a lot to you.  You never know what might bring you to your lottery fortune, so give it a try.


Fortune Cookies

How many sets of lucky numbers have you seen in fortune cookies?  Why not use them?  Try your hand with these numbers, especially if you’ve had a yummy meal or really liked what your fortune cookie had to say about your future.  The stars could be aligning at your next delicious dinner.  You could even make a plan with friends to go out to grab some Chinese food, and then all use your fortune cookie numbers and grab a few lottery tickets and decided to split the winnings together. 

Phone a Friend

Make a fun game out of selecting your next set of lottery numbers by calling up a friend and asking for random numbers.  Don’t tell them what it’s for, just have them tell you the first set of numbers that comes into their head.  Maybe the universe will send them inspiration for your next lucky win.  Don’t forget to share some of the winnings with them since they did help!

Getting Spiritual

You could always try consulting with a spirit guide or Ouija board to ask those long gone for help.  It might surprise you what you find out.  You might get your next set of lucky numbers as well as some advice from ancestors or those looking out for you beyond this realm.  It’s worth a shot!

Playing the lottery should be something enjoyable and fun, it should never get too serious.  Try some of these ideas to keep it light and entertaining and you never know when you just might hit it big.





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