Privacy After Winning the Lottery

Picking up a lottery ticket brings us hope, and usually the last thing on our mind is worries. All I would be thinking about is what I will be able to do with the money. Will I pay off the house?  Will I spend it on a massive vacation with all my friends and family, or will I save it away? The last thought on my mind would be that everyone will know my name, like other people that win large amounts of money. There are press and interviews that are going to get your name out to the whole world, and the bigger the win, the more news there will be.


People knowing about your winning money is inevitable. Even if you decide only to tell your closest friends and family, others are bound to find out. After they hear about your great fortune, you will start hearing from people that you have not spoken to in years. I would bet that most of these calls will be in hopes that the winner will want to donate their lives. Limiting contact with those known to have bad intentions will help cut off the awkward conversations. It will also hopefully save your bank account.

Name Disclosure

One way around people finding out that you just won millions of dollars seems almost impossible, do not tell them your name. A woman from New Hampshire accomplished this last year. She went to court so that she could stay anonymous and still collect her prize money. Her lawyers argued that by releasing her name, she would be subject to harassment and get several unwanted communications. The lawyers, on the other side, claimed that she needed to tell the press her name so that the lottery would not appear to be corrupt by rigging the system. I’m sure she felt so much relief when the judge sided with her, because she could be in control of who would find out about her good fortune. 

No Social Media

Delete social media. In today’s world, no social media seems like a scary thought! Everyone we know has a social media account. How will we be able to understand what’s going on in others’ lives? Everything we post is out there to be scrutinized by everyone.  It can be a tool for people to take advantage of and get unwanted information about our lives. It doesn’t matter how private you think you have your account news always spreads. If you want to keep anything secret, you should get rid of all your social media accounts and keep in contact with those important to you the old-fashioned way!

Privacy is hard to come by when everything is continually being put out there through all the media outlets in our lives. If you happen to be lucky enough to become one in a million and win the lottery, you may want to invest some of that money in an excellent lawyer to help you keep all the privacy that you can. 






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