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Sweepstakes Don’t Always Make the News

When lotteries start getting large, it is all over the news. This is not the same when it comes to sweepstakes. Since it isn’t seen all over the place, it can be hard to know if they are legit. When something is not discussed, it can seem amiss about it. Sweepstakes are not always put in the public eye when winners are chosen. This leads many to feel again that prizes are not being given out. They are not a trick, though. There and many sweepstakes winners day after day.


The prizes do not grow in a sweepstake. They are what they are, and they do not change. If you enter a sweepstake with a car as the prize, a car is what you get. Because they do not grow, they are not usually as newsworthy as a lottery. News stations want something exciting to talk about. Lotteries can grow to such massive amounts that it is hard for anyone to ignore. This does not mean the prizes are not substantial. TNT Fireworks is holding a sweepstake this year with ten thousand for the winner.


A sweepstake does not always seem newsworthy since they do not seem as life-changing. When someone wins the lottery, their bank account can rise by millions. Everyone is then interested in what they plant to do with their good fortune. When someone wins the sweepstakes, it can be just as life-changing for them. In contrast, it may not seem like a massive difference to those looking in from the outside. It could be for the winner. A new car to replace a broken one, or it could be the first car they have ever owned. This could be just what someone needs to change their life enough to reach their goals. Unfortunately, it is just not the type of life-altering news that would make it to the national news stations.


The news stations do not usually interview the winners. There are, of course, exceptions to this. The more popular and present the company is putting on the sweepstakes, the more you will see it on things like social media. You need the proper publicity for it to be deemed worthy of making the news. No winner is usually seeking out that attention. It will be published on the sweepstakes site, but that is as far as it has to go. Winning a large cash prize is not something you want to be out there for the whole world to know. For it to make the news, the winner would usually need to seek it out.


Those running sweepstakes want to bring attention to their company. That is one reason to hold sweepstakes. They are not earning money off of the entries to their contest. The goal is to make money from people being aware of them and purchasing their products. Therefore, they do not need to spend as much time getting the word out as other contests looking to earn a profit.

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