Are You in A Winning State?

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There may or may not be a reason, but some states seem to be the home to more winners than others. The question we may be wondering is why this occurs. Are they lucky, or is there something else that increases their odds? Would it be worth your while to travel to another state to purchase your ticket? You will want to investigate these choices before marking your choice.

Mega Millions Jackpot

One lottery we can look at is the Mega Millions Jackpot. They have a record of where the winners live. People from all over purchase in the hope of winning this jackpot. The two top states with more winners are New York and California, with thirty-nine and thirty-three winners. These two states have the most wins to date by at least ten individuals above others before hitting the next set of states. New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, Texas, and Illinois are all twenty or below. The rest of the states are in the low single digits. They are not worth mentioning. Those living in New York and California should run out and get tickets before the next big drawing.


The population of the states that is home to the most winners is typically the first thought. States with a larger population could have more people buying tickets. In contrast, states with lower populations would have a lower probability. The population is an excellent thought to why but does not hold up. California, the runner-up for the most winners, has the largest population. Approximately forty million people are living in California. New York’s population of around nine million seems insignificant in comparison. The state with the smaller population houses more jackpot winners. The population does not seem to be a good answer to why there are more winners in some states over others.


The states that collectively purchase the most tickets would have a higher probability of winning. This seems to have a more substantial holding, and Statista has compared this data. New York and California are in the top three states with the most purchased tickets. They are both left in the dust by Florida. Florida is the top in lottery sales, yet they are nowhere near the top in winning the Mega Millions Jackpot. New York and California make sense being at the top with the number of winners living in their states. While Florida seems to be an unlucky wild card, the others seem to show a pattern of giving a higher probability of winners in states that spend that most.


While it may seem like the lucky winners live on the two coasts, it will not help the individual to change location to improve their odds. The luck of the states comes down to the fact that more tickets are being purchased and increasing the odds. Unfortunately, those odds do not pass on to the individual unless you are the one buying the bulk of the tickets. Try your luck in your state.



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