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  • Is Playing the Lottery Worth It?

    Is Playing the Lottery Worth It?

    The Lottery has a top notch marketing strategy. They play on people’s hope and convince them that they have a real shot at winning the jackpot. While there’s no doubt that lottery winnings have changed countless lives over the years, is it really worth playing? Let’s take a look.  Likelihood Truth be told, winning the […]

  • OMG, You Just Won The Lottery! What Next?

    OMG, You Just Won The Lottery! What Next?

    Congratulations! You won the lottery! Some will lose their mind and start buying cars, clothes, trips, or a big home. That’s fine, but slow down. Many people who win the lottery get spend-happy and are back in debt in just a few years’ time. You want to ensure your money lasts for the rest of […]

  • Improve your Money Karma

    There’s no real science behind winning money. However, there are a few things you can do to improve your money karma. Show the universe that you deserve a big financial win by doing these four things.  Practice Abundance The universe tends to reward those who show gratitude for what they already have. It can be […]

  • Are You in A Winning State?

    There may or may not be a reason, but some states seem to be the home to more winners than others. The question we may be wondering is why this occurs. Are they lucky, or is there something else that increases their odds? Would it be worth your while to travel to another state to […]

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