Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Big casinos lots of lights, hotel rooms, pools, clubs, shows; however, the main source of income that keeps those giant energy sucking buildings going 24/7 is gambling. Gambling is a big enough industry to make casino owners billions, while at the same time making some “professional gamblers” millions and occasionally paying for a whole bachelor groups entire weekend stay in Vegas with only one pull on a slot machine. On the same row of machines with the bachelor group celebrating their win is the man who spent his entire weeks’ paycheck before it payed for a single bill.



There are a large variety of different games you can play while gambling. Card games, including poker and black jack, are popular when gambling as a group because you can compete and play against your friends, and of course the “house” wins if there is a tie. Card games are considered to be a more skilled form of gambling. Of course, like in all aspects of gambling, there is still luck as in what cards you are dealt; however, seasoned poker players can overcome being dealt some bad cards over the course of the night.

Placing Bets


Along with placing bets on sport games or horse races in the Sport Books section of the casinos, you can place bets on games like Craps and Roulette. Craps is a very popular dice game where players make wagers on the outcome of the roll, series of rolls, or even a pair of dice. In Roulette players bet on a number or color of number (red or black). Spin the ball in the wheel and if it lands on your number you win big.

Slot Machines


By far the most popular form of gambling is slot machines, it is the least complicated of the options and is the most user friendly. If all else fails put money in the machine, pull the handle, if the numbers (or pictures) line up you win! Especially because the legal minimum pay out for slot machines is a whopping 82%; while most casinos keep it in the 92% range in order to make sure enough people are winning in order to keep people playing. Meaning around 90% of the money played in a given slot machine gets payed back out to players (obviously over time causing some to win nothing and some win thousands)

Slot machines, however, come in all different shapes and sizes. There are all sorts of different themes that offer side games, side bets, or give you a chance to win a larger jackpot. Then each slot machine has different amounts you are betting (penny slots, nickel, quarter, dollar, or five dollar.

The most popular slot machines by far are penny slots. Obviously the allure of only betting a penny for a chance to win a jack pot often in the thousands. Of course like all gambling there is catch, in order to be eligible to win the jackpot section, a player needs to be betting on all possible outcomes (or lines). Which for penny slots is one cent each, so each spin you could actually be betting anywhere from a penny to a dollar.

For every winning story at the casino there are a dozen stories where someone lost big. However, the allure and fantasy of winning big, or just having a good night out with friends is too much for most too resist forever. When you do go out to the Casino just make sure to not take any money with you, you don’t mind coming home without.







3 responses to “Gambling”

  1. Loretta SmithWillis Avatar
    Loretta SmithWillis

    Well I enjoy the Slots and I’ve played quarters,dollars,and on very rare occasion the penny slot,not my choice at all,and anytime there is gambling I try to play and only twice have I messed up badly,and now I take a certain amount and if I win good and if I loose then I’m done

  2. Elizabeth M. Polk Avatar
    Elizabeth M. Polk

    I know exact what your saying

  3. terry dudley Avatar

    I have a friend that his mother was a big gambler in Vegas she has won and lost a million dollars she knows the celebrities she knows all the big wigs but in the end it broke her she still lives there but its different now without all that money

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