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Money Superstitions that are Supposed to Bring Wealth

When it comes to money, no superstition is too silly. There are a lot of weird things people do to ensure their good financial luck. Here are a few superstitions about bringing in and keeping wealth that you should know.

Purse Location

Whatever you do, don’t set your purse down on the floor. According to money superstitions, placing your purse on the floor sends a message to the universe that you don’t respect or value money. Setting it on the floor with germs, dirt and other unmentionables is basically asking for the universe to stop sending money your way. Always try to place your bag on a chair or table. You can also hang it up on a hook.

Money Spiders

Did you know there is a type of spider that signals good financial luck? An article written by Martina for explains, “Money spiders, aka sheet weavers or Linyphiidae, are supposed to be a herald of wealth. This is believed in several places such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Portugal. It is said that if a money spider is running towards you, it is going to weave you new clothes, which is a great financial fortune. Some people also believe that the spider should be caught and placed in your pocket to receive wealth.”

Palm Itch

Take a moment to identify which of your hands you’d consider to be the ‘lucky one’. Maybe it’s your dominant hand or maybe it’s not. Whichever hand you deem lucky, take note of anytime you feel it itch. When your lucky hand itches, it means good fortune and money will come into your life. When your other hand itches, it means a loss of money in your future.

Attract Money with Money

There’s an old adage that basically says when you have money, you attract more of it. Superstition regarding this means you should never completely empty your purse or wallet. Doing so will make it harder for you to get money in the future. Also, when you gift a purse or wallet, you should put a little money into it in order to bless the recipient with good financial luck.

Find a Penny

Find a penny, pick it up and all the day you’ll have good luck! Sound familiar? It should. This simple rhyme explains the superstition that if you find a coin that is face up, you should grab it. It is supposed to bring you both luck and good fortune. However, if you find a penny that is tails side up, it should be left on the ground or given away immediately in order to avoid back luck.

Even if you’re not a superstitious person, it can’t hurt to ere on the side of caution. Use these tips in order attract more money into your life. They will take such a small amount of your time but could make all the difference to your financial future.



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