scratch ticket madness

Scratch Ticket Madness

Scratch tickets are super fun to play and can yield big winnings if luck is on your side. There are certain ways to increase your chances of winning, so if you know where to look you’ll be well on your way to winning big. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started down the winning path. You will increase your chances of winning and feel like you have taken destiny in your own hands by being strategic about your gamble.

Purchasing Multiples

You have a greater chance of winning on scratch tickets when you buy multiples of the same exact game. Do not try to buy one of each type of scratch ticket available. Stick to one game in particular and spend as much as you are budgeting on that one game. You will be more likely to win playing a single type of card rather than picking up a random variety of tickets. If you stick with one game, the odds of your winning increase significantly. While it might be more fun to try out different games, your odds increase by playing the same one over and over again.

Holidays and Themed Tickets

As a general rule of thumb, it is best to stay away from holiday themed scratch tickets as they usually do not have comparatively good odds because they are banking on you buying them because of the themed decor. Avoid these if you want to win big. If you cannot resist and want to try your luck at them, they usually mostly win in the middle of that holiday’s month. So, try playing in the middle of the holiday season, but don’t over commit. Best practice is to avoid these and focus your effort somewhere else.

Play Big to Win Big

You’ve heard this phrase before and there’s a reason why it exists. Purchasing the larger monetary tickets will yield bigger results. Scratch tickets that are $30 a pop can be your best friend if you play them right. If you buy a bunch of lower item tickets, the chances of you winning big are substantially less. Budget your scratch ticket investment wisely on bigger games and the odds will be more in your favor.

Lucky Seven?

Generally, tickets that have the number seven in them are not very lucky when it comes to scratchers. It seems counterintuitive because everyone is taught that little number seven is lucky, however it is the opposite when it comes to scratch tickets. Avoid them if you would like to win big. Companies are banking on the fact you’ll think seven is lucky and you’ll be more drawn to them. Stick with your new-found knowledge and steer clear of these.

While scratch tickets are a gamble, there are certain things you can do to try to tip the odds in your favor so that you can win more. Try these tricks and see if you can multiply your winnings over and over again. Good luck!



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