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  • How Much Would You Spend on Lottery Tickets?

    Everyone dreams about what they would do if they won the lottery. The focus is always on the money coming in, not the money going out. When you purchase the tickets each week or month, are you deciding on a budget beforehand? Or do you just buy what you can or want and leave it […]

  • Scratch Ticket Madness

    Scratch Ticket Madness

    Scratch tickets are super fun to play and can yield big winnings if luck is on your side. There are certain ways to increase your chances of winning, so if you know where to look you’ll be well on your way to winning big. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started […]

  • Get Your Holiday Contest On

    Get Your Holiday Contest On

    Holiday season is a perfect time for entering contests and winning big money.  There are an abundance of seasonally themed sweepstakes with huge prizes to take home just in time for the holidays.  Here are a few ways to enter and utilize the power of the magical season. Free Shopping Money Enter contests and sweepstakes […]

  • Charitable Sweepstakes Good for the Soul

    Charitable Sweepstakes Good for the Soul

    When you support a good cause and do good, you feel great and everybody wins.  An easy way to do this and have a good chance of winning a sweepstakes or prize at the same time is to participate in charitable contests where your entry goes towards a good cause.  Even if you don’t win, […]

  • Winning with Friends

    Winning with Friends

    Sure, entering contests and sweepstakes on your own gets you excited, but something that can take it to the next level is getting a whole group of friends together to really make the impact count.  Rally your sweepstakes loving friends together, double or triple your efforts and chances of winning and share the wealth when […]

  • Unusual and Unique Hobbies to Take Up When You Win Big

    Unusual and Unique Hobbies to Take Up When You Win Big

    Forget collecting classic cars and owning a fleet of yachts, when you win big you should take up a hobby that is as unique as you are.  Look off the beaten path for a lifestyle change that will get everyone talking.  You can take up one of these unusual and expensive hobbies that only the […]

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