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Charitable Sweepstakes Good for the Soul

When you support a good cause and do good, you feel great and everybody wins.  An easy way to do this and have a good chance of winning a sweepstakes or prize at the same time is to participate in charitable contests where your entry goes towards a good cause.  Even if you don’t win, you are supporting the good of humanity and feel like a winner at the same time.  Get some good karma and increase your chances of winning with a few of these ideas.

Churches and Sponsored Events

Check out local churches and other organizations in your area and see if they have any sweepstakes or contests going on that work double duty by having all the entry proceeds go to a charitable cause. you’ll feel great for donating for the greater good and also be entered to win awesome prizes. A lot of sponsored events will donate grand prizes for people to win and this is your chance to capitalize on that without having to spend a lot of money out of your own pocket. Take advantage of some awesome prizes big companies and organizations donate while taking care of your friends and neighbors at the same time. Everyone will feel the magic and warm fuzzies of the holidays.

Toy Drives and Holiday Themed Contests

Make the most of the holidays by being charitable and getting something in return. A lot of toy drives will give you a discount, free item, or something else for donating a toy. Check out your local eateries and other establishments for some awesome ways to gain free stuff and do good. You’ll be surprised how fast you can rack up free rewards.  Holiday sweepstakes and events in your area may also have amazing prizes to win that don’t take much to enter, so keep an eye out for any raffles or fundraisers where the prizes are thrilling and it doesn’t cost a lot to participate.


Another great way to do good and get something in return is to attend fundraisers in your area. Ones with silent auctions are great because the prizes are donated and you can get something for a really inexpensive price and feel like a big winner. You could win a Grand prize vacation for a mere fraction of the cost.  Being charitable feels even better when you walk home as a winner.

Looking out for charitable sweepstakes and contests get you more bang for your buck and extra brownie points. Try to keep a lookout for a few of these and you’ll be feeling like a winner in no time, and an even bigger winner in your heart.

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